Political Cartoons

This political cartoon represents how as the Vietnam War gradually went on the American public grew more and more skeptical as to getting more involved in the war. The public feared that if the government did one thing to get out of the war, the opposite would happen and the U.S. would only get involved deeper. The cartton depicts this fear of deeper involvement in not only Vietnam, but also other parts of Asia.

This cartoon represents Lyndon Johnson and his claims on the war. Johnson always assured the public that there would be no further involvement in Vietnam and that their “position” did not change. Contrary to these claims Johnson continued to send more and more soldiers over to Vietnam. This furthered the publics distrust in the government.

This political cartoon represents when Richard Nixon was accused of involvement in the Watergate Scandal. Nixon had recorded tapes of every conversation he had in the oval office which is represented in the tapes he is hanging in between. When questioned on the scandal he responded, “I am not a crook.” However soon after he resigned from his presidency, making the public believe he was guilty.


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